Goldmine Strategies for Newsletters

Newsletters are a great way to position you and your company as a leader in your industry – you can be the expert that your clients, alliances and prospects refer to. With a newsletter, you can educate, inform and entertain them with a consistent variety of content. You can choose a frequency that works for your target audience and for your business, such as weekly, monthly or quarterly.

The age of newsletters being posted by traditional mail is slowly declining, newsletters now are electronic and can now direct readers to actions, and results are measurable. The general rule is your newsletter will be read within the first couple days when these are received.

Newsletters are a fantastic way to drive traffic to your website. It is recommended that you include lots of links to your website throughout the newsletter to make it really simple for people to get there.

Bloomtools have created a solution to make newsletters easy to administrate, your Bloomtools solution (Bloomtools Ezy Communicator) creates a newsletter template aligned with your current online presence, simply you can write your articles direct website back end as it is easy as using word, it has a spelling and grammar check. You can also post these articles direct to your website and add to an RSS feed to help with your Search Engine results that appear in Google. The Bloomtools solution also holds all your database contacts, and to send it out to these contacts is a simple as pressing a couple of buttons.

Remember the development of your newsletters should be easy, it is important you take the time to write your content and ensure it is matched your target market. Here are seven easy to implement strategies you can apply to your business:

1. Send out a general newsletter to everyone in your database
A monthly newsletter out to your database is simple way to keep your business top of mind and build credibility with prospects – so when they are ready to buy, they come to your business. The content could include:

A welcome letter from you
Introduction of new products
Company news and events
How to’ articles
Questions and answers
Profile on a client
General interest stories
Articles from alliances

Remember a good newsletter is one that is 80% about the reader and 20% about you. Readers will soon unsubscribe if they aren’t getting any value from it.

2. Produce targeted newsletters for different groups

Email marketing allows you to tailor the content to suit each specific group. When the content is relevant to the reader, they are more likely to respond. You can create different newsletters for different groups or just change one section of your newsletter so that that section talks directly to that specific audience. Potential audiences include:

Clients – broken into the type of product/service they have bought; or their particular interest
Your alliance’s clients
Agents, distributors, affiliates

For example, a real estate agent could send a bulletin to commercial buyers, residential buyers and property investors each week to update them on their areas of interest.

3. Create an industry newsletter

Join forces with other businesses in your industry to share the responsibility for producing the newsletters – each of you contribute one article each time. This will save you time and effort and the end result will be a newsletter with an interesting variety of content.

4. Produce a combined business newsletter with your alliances

Join forces with a few businesses (eg. Your alliances) to each contribute to the newsletter then send it out to your combined databases. This reduces the time and effort that you have to spend, and also puts your business in front of more prospects.

For example, a fashion retailer may join forces with a beautician, shoe store and hair salon to produce their newsletters.

5. Advertise in other newsletters

Ask your alliances, suppliers and partners if you can advertise in their newsletters – place an ad or
contribute an articles. This is a great way to drive traffic to your site and build your own database.

6. Newsletter tips

Here are our top tips for getting the best possible results from your newsletter:

Make sure you personalise every newsletter with the recipient’s name (and other details where possible)
Make your subject line count – you don’t have many characters so focus on a benefit or a hook to get them to open it
Have a ‘printer friendly’ version easily accessible
Include a ‘send to a friend’ link to increase your database
Include links to your website for more information – research has shown that the words ‘learn more’ in the link gets the most clicks
Make sure you are compliant with the spam laws of the country you are working in

Always ensure all of your online and offline marketing/communications facilitate the attraction and gathering of new members to your database (newsletter) list – the bigger your database, the more potential new and repeat customers you can reach.

7. Tips about spam laws
Spamming is sending bulk email campaigns to people that have not requested to receive them from you. Australia has very strict spam laws and your business will face huge penalties if you don’t comply. So make sure you only add people to your database that have asked to be added and provide a simple unsubscribe function in every single email you send.

Bloomtools Ezy Communicator has an automatic unsubscribe function that appears on the bottom of your email campaigns to ensure you are always compliant.

The Bloomtools Ezy Communicator system simplifies your business communications and is a great tool to really maximise the internet for your business.  It is ideal to use in conjunction with your Bloomtools 3G or it can be used as a stand-alone tool.

This all-in-one solution allows you to manage your database of contacts, create and send professional emails, ecards and surveys, send SMS messages, manage events and track the results of all your activities. Use this system to engage with your contacts to build business loyalty and increase sales.

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