What is the Need of Using Email Encryption?

In most cases, almost all messages are sent in plain text over the Internet without any encryption type, although the electronic mail protocol with the ability to support encryption has no reliable measure to ensure compliance, or from end to end encryption. Even e-mail services like Gmail, which supports encryption between their service and your personal computer, cannot guarantee that your mail will be sent securely between your mail server and e-mail server of your recipient. In most cases, this occurs when the mail server of your recipient does not provide encryption support so; Gmail will be forced to hand over your e-mail in plain text instead. The same essentially applies to all personal and corporate media mail.

If you use solutions for e-mail encryption, then you will have the powerful techniques of cryptography to ensure that your emails are stored and passed as safe. This ensures that only you and your e-mail recipients will be the only ones who have the ability to decrypt the message. You also have the ability to control the number of views by e-mail, set a limited start and stop to view the e-mail messages, set expiration dates for the e-mail, as well as cancel email viewing privileges.

From e-mail encryption solution for your company, you can have a maximum email security. It is easy to use because it does not require installing any software. You can receive, send, forward and respond to secure email messages without solving any new e-mail interface or specific measures that need to be done. In addition, there are companies that provide solutions that protect you from phishing. It basically allows you to e-mail recipients to see you as a trusted source. With encryption solution for your letters, you will not have problems sending large files since it ensures that the files that it sends the safe to the host country.

Find the best online company that can provide you with e-mail encryption. This will eventually give you a secure link by e-mail for you and your employees without the hassle of learning a new program or an interface for sending email. Businesses will have one more reason to acquire such solutions, as more companies offering email encryption solutions offer them at affordable prices.

The lower risk of having an e-mail is broken because of poor security. Go online and find a company today, to help you have a secure email environment.

JumbleMe makes it easy to send encrypted emails and providing top quality email encryption services. JumbleMe also provides best options for hipaa compliant and hipaa email. Scramble your email so it’s almost impossible for anyone to break the encryption unless you give them the code. You can use any computer, even handhelds, any time, any place. With unprecedented control, you know your email will be safe from prying eyes. You can even set an expiration date when it will disappear – forever. Regret sending an email? You can even remove emails once they are sent

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